the ktl experience



So what’s next??


01. finding your photographer

As soon as I receive your initial inquiry I will send you my Pricing Guide which will explain in detail the KTL Wedding Experience and all of the wedding collections you can choose from! After you’ve looked them over we will start discussing which collection will best capture your wedding day. While it is my dream to be your wedding photographer, I also believe finding your photographer is just as much about personality as it is portfolio. You absolutely should fall in love with your photographer’s work (that’s why you are hiring them!), but you should also love his or her personality. After all, your photographer will be with you more than anyone else the entire day (even your soon-to-be-spouse!), and your portraits will be the most beautiful if you enjoy spending time with the one taking them! So once we’ve figured out we’re an amazing match and which collection suits your needs, you will become an official KTL Bride!


02. the engagement session

You’re booked! That’s one more thing off your wedding day checklist. And here comes the fun part: the engagement session! This is my wedding gift to you! Your engagement session is included with every wedding collection as it is the best gift I could think to give to my couples! And even if you are camera shy, I promise you will have a BLAST! This is the no-pressure place where we get to practice taking photos together so that your wedding day portraits run like a well-oiled machine (or a well-greased cast iron skillet ;) )! We already know we’re going to do amazing things together, but we actually get to go on a “first-date” to calm all of the butterflies we have in our stomachs when it comes to modeling in front of a camera. (Trust me, everyone has them, even photographers! We can be some of the most awkward people to take photos of!) It’s like the photography version of a dress rehearsal, so be prepared for a fun evening together that also gives you MORE memories to cherish!


03. the wedding!

This is it! We’ve finalized the Wedding Day Timeline weeks before, so you can breathe. We’ve done all of the prep work (literally even practicing taking photos together!) to make this the stress-free, love-filled day you’ve been counting down to for months. This is your day, and I’m so thankful you’ve invited me to be here with you for Day One of your marriage! I am honored to be capturing some of the most precious moments in your life so that you can be present with your family, friends, and your soon-to-be husband! You might even find me shedding some happy tears behind my camera in the corner. :’)


04. gallery delivery

As the new Mr. and Mrs., you can expect your wedding images delivered in six to eight weeks. All of your images will be delivered in a convenient yet gorgeous online gallery! This is where you will be able download the high-resolution digital files of your special day to store on your computer, print, share with friends and family, and hang everywhere!! :) Your gallery will be stored online for one year, so you won’t have to worry about losing them and can download them as many times to as many computers as you like (so mom and grandma can have their own galleries if they like)!

Are you ready to book your KTL Wedding?

Wedding collections start at $1600.