Destination South Florida Gardens Wedding | Savanna and Josh


Before I tell you about this sweet, sweet couple, I’ve got to share a little background behind this wedding. I shot this wedding on mine and Joshua’s fourth anniversary! I know it sounds crazy to be working on your own anniversary, but celebrating marriage has been a tradition for us from the very beginning of our marriage!

Joshua and I chose to get married on my parents’ anniversary (August 1st) as a way to honor their marriage and my family heritage. So they were celebrating their anniversary with a LOT of work and love on our wedding day. And a couple of my dear friends from north Florida who attended our wedding also shared an August 1st anniversary! Last year I had the privilege to second shoot a vow renewal on our anniversary, so from Day One we’ve been in the habit of celebrating our anniversary with other couples! I was speaking with Savanna and Josh’s wonderful mom, Mrs. Richards, while they were still undecided about their wedding date, and I was honestly thrilled when they chose August 1st! And to put the icing on the cake, Joshua was there with his brothers sharing their beautiful music too! We really couldn’t have picked a better way to celebrate our anniversary than to help Savanna and Josh begin their marriage journey! But I still haven’t even gotten to the best part of the story yet. ;)

Not only do Joshua and I now share the same anniversary with Savanna and Josh, we each met our significant others at Palm Beach Atlantic University. both had destination weddings, and BOTH chose music from the How to Train Your Dragon films for our ceremonies! Savanna and Josh chose “Romantic Flight” as Savanna’s processional music and Joshua and I chose “For the Dancing and the Dreaming” for our recessional music. How unique is it to not only share an anniversary with one of my couples, but also the same great taste for wedding music?! (As a side note, the How to Train Your Dragon trilogy is one of the best film series’ of all time. Seriously, it is!)

Their destination at Mounts Botanical Garden couldn’t have been more perfect either! The forecasted rain ended up holding the entire time, and we were all able to enjoy this beautiful couple’s wedding in an equally beautiful and whimsical garden. The stickwork exhibit by Patrick Dougherty was the perfect eclectic backdrop for Savanna and Josh! Another thing I loved about Savanna and Josh’s wedding is their love for family heritage: Josh wore his great-grandfather’s cuff links and his dad officiated their wedding while Savanna incorporated FIVE generations of Schlote women into their wedding! They were so intentional with every little detail of their wedding, and it was truly an honor to celebrate with them!

Here are my favorites from the day!


This is Savanna’s great-great-grandmother’s necklace! What a beautiful way to commemorate her legacy!


The humidity was at about 200%, so we all had to take breaks to hydrate and cool off!! Savanna and Dr. Richards took great care of Josh! :)

And of course, Josh took care of his beautiful bride the rest of the day!! ;)